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Create pencil sketch drawing from any pictures. Convert your portrait photos to stunning caricature and cartoon avatars, based on AI technology.
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Create stunning caricatures and cartoon portraits drawings

Now you can make caricature portrait photos with 64 different effects from your face photos online for free. (Updated on 12/21/2021)

What is AI Image to Cartoon

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AI Image to Cartoon is a new AI tool that I have released in December 2021. This online tool applies the advanced AI model that could convert your portrait photo, images to anime and cartoon style. Not only create the cartoon face or avatars, it could also combine the face with different cartoon bodies and produce interesting results.

By using our tool, you can also get your cartoon face with a transparent background PNG image and you can use it for further purposes. Edit it as you want.

How to Use AI Image to Cartoon

Using AI Image to Cartoon is quite simple, just like the image to sketch and Drag and drop your face that contains a face. Our system will recognize it, extract the face and convert it to cartoon images. After stitching with different cartoon bodies, you can preview and download all of the cartoon images.

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What is caricature

Caricature is a rendered image that quite different from the general animated or cartoonized image. It shows the feature of the subject in a simplified or exaggerated style. Caricature artists will distort the presentation of a person or action for the amusement of the people to whom the original is known.

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How we work to make a caricature image

ImagetoSketch integrates caricature AI system that could recongize the face from your photo and convert the face part to caricature in a few minute. It will produce 64 different caricature effects. You can preview and download each of them that you like. From the image below, you will learn how it works.

caricature sample image


When you have uploaded a photo, and our system finds there is a face in the picture, the AI system will start making caricature image immediately. The home page will keep checking the results and won't stop even you refresh or close the page, until the caricature process finished.

Generally, it only takes one or two minutes to produce the 64 resulted images. However, if there are too many concurrent requests or uploadings, you may need to wait for a longer time.

Road Map

Currently, we can only produce the small caricature images with dimensions up to 256*256. We will improve it to produce high-definition caricature images up to 2048*2048.

Get more graphics card and improve the GPU's power to make the caricature process faster.

Pencil Sketch your Photo with AI

By using our Image to Sketch AI tool online, you can make your photo to pencil sketched pictures fast and automatically.

Safe & Secured

All uploaded photos will be removed and cleared. We will never use your photos for other purposes.

Fast and High-Quality

By using the advanced AI technology, our system will analyze your photos and convert to sketch in seconds. Upload one photo and get ten more different sketching effects

Dedicated Supports

Not satisfied with the results? Nevermind, just drop us an email and help us improve this AI tool.

Amazing AI Sketching Tool

Drop one photo and get sketches photos with several different styles created by the smart Image to Sketch AI system.

Create line drawing and sketches in a few seconds

Convert your photo to line drawing and image to sketches. Share the stunning results with your friends!

Frequently Asked Question

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How our Image to Sketch AI work ?

Integrated with advanced AI technology, Image to Sketch AI could convert photos and pictures to sketches or outline drawings base on the previous training.

Is your website safe?

Absolutely safe. When you are trying to use our services, your images will be uploaded to our server for processing. It is guaranteed that all images will be cleared up to protect your privacy. The uploading and downloading process will be encrypted using SSL and no one could steal your personal images.

Should I pay for using Image to Sketch AI ?

Absolutely not. Image to Sketch AI is a free online tool that helps you make it simple to create sketch images. No account, no subscription, and no fees. However, we may launch the payment system for future advanced features and maintain our servers. We will notify you before that.

Is Image to Sketch AI having apps or software?

Yes. We have released the iOS version and you can search Pencil Drawing Maker on AppStore. The Android version will be released soon.

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