How To Pencil Sketch Your Photo Online

Learn how to use image to sketch tools to create pencil sketching effects

Pencil sketches are quite popular whether you want to put them as your profile picture on social media or wallpaper on your mobile phone. However, sketching by hand isn’t efficient since the sketch might not be up to the mark. Fortunately, there are several tools available on the internet, which makes it possible to turn your photo into a pencil sketch online free of cost.

Yes, seriously! This article talks about various such tools that will convert any image into a wonderful pencil sketch, including our own Image to Sketch and several other tools that you can use for image-to-sketch. The article also covers the steps to execute the task, so keep reading until the end for lots of valuable information.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

The first tool on our list is Image to Sketch AI. You shall consider it as an option if looking forward to converting your images into a sketch. It’s free and allows you to get started instantly. It generates multiple sketches allowing you to download the most appealing one on your computer. The entire processing is carried out on the cloud server, eliminating the need to install any software or web browser extension on your PC.

screenshot of image to sketch

Advantages Of Image to Sketch AI

Apart from some interesting features discussed above, Image to Sketch AI contains the following benefits.

  • It’s extremely simple to use. The product is designed in such a way that even a novice can make use of it.
  • There’s no need to possess any photo editing skills or experience prior to using the tool.
  • This tool offers unlimited access to the service. Convert hundreds or even thousands of images. Use it continuously for hours, with no restrictions at all.
  • You don’t need to register on this website, neither you need to create a free account. So, you see, you can start working instantly.
  • The entire process is free of cost. You’re not required to enter your credit card information either.
  • All the results generated by this tool are high-quality images.
  • If you’re unable to make use of the service properly, or are facing any issues, there’s a dedicated customer care support team to help you out. Always feel free and never hesitate to get in touch.
  • Every transaction carried out on the server (image upload and download) are SSL encrypted. This eliminates the chances of hacking attempts, keeping your data safe and secure.
  • The website doesn’t store your images on the cloud server. Again, you can expect excellent privacy here.

Pencil Sketch Making Steps Using Image to Sketch AI

Covert your photo to pencil sketch online using Image to Sketch AI by following the steps below:

  • 1. Visit the official website
  • 2. Upload your image. Make sure that the image’s resolution doesn’t exceed 5000px*5000px. The file format must be PNG, JPG, or JPEG only
  • 3. As the upload finishes, the tool will automatically start processing it. Please wait until it generates some sketches.
  • 4. You’ll see the previews of the generated results in a thumbnail list. Each preview will have a dedicated download button. Click on it to save it on your PC.

Here are some samples that you can check the results generated by Image to Sketch

10 different sketching results from Image to Sketch

Please note, there is one sketch effect that could only be generated when you are uploading a portrait or face image. It will not be produced if you upload an image that our system can not find a face in.

About our latest Image to Sketch results

In our latest Image to Sketch engine, we will provide more amazing sketch effect results. So you can get the sketch images in black and white and even in color. Here are the results of the new-launched image-to-sketch effects.

new sketching effects from Image to Sketch

Here is the sample 2

new sketching effects from Image to Sketch

Other Tools: How to use Image Online to get sketching effects is another quicker alternative if you want a pencil sketch real quick The rules, features, and procedure is pretty much similar to Image to Sketch AI. However, it allows slightly different functions.

When you upload your image, you’ll get an option to adjust the pencil sketch effect. There’s a slider to adjust the value. A lower value will result in a fine-lined sketch, whereas a higher value will result in a thick line with shadow effects. Pretty much real effect.

  • Visit the official website
  • Upload your image.
  • Slide the “Pencil shadow” slider to adjust the shadow value.
  • Click on the “Pencil sketch” button.
  • Wait until the preview is generated. You can now readjust the pencil shadow value and click on the button again. A new preview will be generated instantly.
  • Click on the “Download” button when you’re satisfied with the results. Voila!
sketching result from imageonline

Other Tools: How to use Photoshop to get sketching effects

The process to change your photo into an amazing pencil sketch using Photoshop can prove to be slightly complex. So we highly recommend reading and following the steps below very carefully.

  • Launch the application. Open your image. By default, it’ll reside on the “Background” layer.
  • Duplicate this layer. For this, simply drag the layer and drop it on the “New Layer” icon located just below the “Layers Panel”.
  • A new layer will be created. Make sure you have 2 layers at this point before proceeding. This is very important.
  • Go to the Image menu -> Adjustments -> Desaturate. This will make your image black and white.
  • Just like you duplicated the layer earlier, again duplicate this second layer to create a third layer. Ensure you’ve got 3 layers in total now.
  • Go to the Image menu -> Adjustments -> Invert. Your image must now look like a film negative.
  • In the “Layers Panel”, find the word “Normal”. Click on it. A drop-down list will open up. From there, click on “Color Dodge”. If your image just turned into pure white, this indicates that you’re following the steps correctly.
  • Again, on the top right of the “Layers Panel” find 4 horizontal lines (otherwise known as menu icon). Click on it. A drop-down list will open up. Click on “Convert to Smart Object”.
  • Go to the Filter menu -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur. A dialog box will open up. Adjust the “Radius” value to create a pencil sketch. A lower value means fine lines, and a higher value means deeper shadows and realistic sketch.
  • Click on OK. Save the Image. Voila!

You can watch the top 1 sketching tutorial on Youtube here: It has attract more than 6 million views. You may get help from this video.

youtube tutorial to turn image to sketch

However, it is still a little bit complex to use advanced Photoshop skills and learn how to convert image to sketch with Photoshop. Here, I suggest that you can use Photoshop Action, which could help you to turn image to sketch with only a few steps. You just need to download the preset pencil sketching brushes and actions. Here are some lists that I have ever tried. Some of them should be paid for using. You can test before the decision.

You can watch the Action process on the video below. I hope you can take a glance at how to use the Photoshop action to get sketching effects in a simple way.


By the end of this article, we saw multiple tools and procedures to create a pencil sketch. If you opt for Photoshop, we suggest downloading the free trial version. Avoid paying for the tools if you want to use them for a few days or a few times. Almost every tool is user-friendly, so don’t be scared to use them.